Wittekleibosch Dairy Trust transforms rural economy

Wittekleibosch Dairy Trust transforms rural economy

MEC for Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Mlibo Qoboshiyane has opened the Wittekleibosch Diary Trust Farm worth of R32 million government's investment.

The department says the dairy came into existence through combined efforts of the landowners-Amamfengu and their partner Johan Du Plessis. During his opening speech, Qoboshiyane said there has been too much talk about the transformation of the country’s economy with little or no actual transformation of the elements of the economy at times.

"Transformation is not just employing black people into management positions in white-owned companies; it is not only buying shares for black people into the white-owned firms. As we see today it is about government investing into black-owned businesses, encouraging partnerships between South Africans to work together in their commercial business and removing market blockages so that all of us can benefit from the economic opportunities from this economy.

Wittekleibosch Dairy produces 16000 liters of milk per day sold to Parmalat through an offtake agreement. This has been applauded by the Qoboshiyane, also encouraging other communities-black and white, to start forming partnerships to continue agricultural production.

The department has revealed that as at 28 February 2017 the annual turn-over for the sales of milk was reported at R31, 000,000 with farm gate price of milk per litre varying between R5.25 and R5.45. The annual turnover is estimated to increase to R 33,000,000 due to the increase in the volumes of milk resulting from the added number of cows.

The total number of jobs created by this joint venture add up to 40 employees all being permanent staff employed.

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Wittekleibosch Dairy Trust transforms rural economy