About IDC Architects

Integrated Design Consultants (IDC) is made up of principals and professional staff with a wide range of local and international experience. Over the last twenty years, IDC has committed to delivering creative innovation through design-specific, tailormade architectural solutions that offer added investment value and meet the vision and needs of our clients.

We have broad expertise in the commercial, residential, affordable housing, industrial, heritage, health and educational sectors, providing a comprehensive approach to complex design issues. We dedicate ourselves to creating people-centred environments, and to designing African architecture that responds appropriately to its social, cultural, economic and environmental context. We believe in effective team work and collaboration; and work collectively towards cutting edge innovation.

Our Work

Whittlesea Multi-Purpose Hall, Whittlesea
Nov 30, 2018

The Whittlesea Multi-Purpose Hall is intended to be used as a community centre as well as a gathering place for celebrations such as weddings, exhibitions, cultural shows and community gatherings to address issues in the area.

House Louw, Port Elizabeth
Nov 22, 2010

This 340m² private residence in Port Elizabeth was designed with an industrial aesthetic in mind, and with connectivity between the spaces as a central consideration.

East London Airport
Nov 16, 2010

This project, completed in March 2010, involved the upgrade, extensions and renovations to the existing terminal building.

PSG, Port Elizabeth
Sep 18, 2012

In 2010, five business units of PSG purchased the property on the corner of Cape Road and Mill Park Drive in Port Elizabeth with a view to combining the company’s expertise under one roof. To accommodate office space for 21 staff members, as well as five meeting rooms and one boardroom, the brief required an extension of 430sqm, together with a refurbishment of the existing property.

Our Services


IDC provides the full range of architectural services for projects of all sizes, ranging from alterations to multi-level commercial buildings to urban design masterplans.

Universal Access

IDC has a special commitment to the development of a built environment that is universally usable by all people everywhere.